Victoria Bond’s Mrs. President Act II: Quartet

In the ransacked office of Woodhull’s Weekly, Victoria sleeps in Blood’s arms. He sings of his shattered dream of a peaceful life together. As she wakes, Victoria can think only of her own aborted dreams. In his study, Henry and Isabella are arguing over Victoria. Isabella claims that Henry is murdering a saint but he calls Victoria a fiend from Hell. The four join together, each locked in disappointment and accusing the other of trying to destroy love.

Col. James Blood… Robert Osborne, Baritone
Victoria Woodhull… Valerie Bernhardt, Soprono
Isabella Beecher… Katrina Thurman, Soprono
Henry Ward Beecher… Scott Ramsay, Tenor

Anchorage Opera
October 5th, 2012

Conductor… Victoria Bond

Category: Performance