Victoria Bond’s Mrs. President Act II: Citizen

Victoria announces her intention to run for president. Citing discrimination against women and intolerable restrictions, she demands equal rights as a citizen and the freedom to dissolve loveless relationships. She claims to be the chosen leader and future president.

Victoria Woodhull… Valerie Bernhardt, Soprono
Isabella Beecher… Katrina Thurman, Soprono
Elizabeth Tilton… Rebecca Cloudy, Soprono
Roxie Claffin… Joy Hermalyn, Mezzo-Soprono
Henry Ward Beecher… Scott Ramsay, Tenor
Joseph Treat… Kirk Dougherty, Tenor
Col. James Blood… Robert Osborne, Baritone

Anchorage Opera
October 5th 2012

Conductor… Victoria Bond

Category: Performance