Mrs. President Act I: Predators

Henry Ward Beecher barges into the office of Victoria Woodhull’s newspaper, “Woodhull’s Weekly” and demands to speak with Victoria. He is furious over her allegations of his sexual misconduct but the more he tries to bully her, the more she teases him. She calmly informs him that an article about his sexual liaisons is ready to print. His anger turns to panic as he sees the possibility of his career crumbling in a scandal. He begs for mercy, but she tells him that far from condemning him, she recognizes his passionate nature and asks him to support her campaign. Stunned by this endorsement, he agrees.

Victoria Woodhull… Valerie Bernahardt, Soprono
Henery Ward Beecher… Scott Ramsay, Tenor

Anchorage Opera
October 5th, 2012

Victoria Bond… Conductor

Category: Performance