Victoria Bond’s Mrs President Act II Scene 4: Finale

A jail cell, where VICTORIA, worn and haggard, sits alone with a letter from her closest friend Isabella, explaining that under pressure from her brother, she has abandoned Victoria.At first crushed by this final blow, Victoria realizes that although she, herself will never realize her dreams, others will come after her, pick up her ideas and carry them forward. As she sings, the jail dissolves, and from the darkness emerge ghostly Victorias, one after the other until there are dozens of them, each with a white rose at her throat, marching forward. They sing softly, building in volume as they approach. In this concert performance, prominent women politicians stand on stage, visible proof of truth of these words.
Victoria Woodhull… Valerie Bernhardt, Soprono
Isabella Beecher… Katrina Thurman, Soprono
Elizabeth Tilton… Rebecca Cloudy, Soprono
Roxie Claffin… Joy Hermalyn, Mezzo-Soprono
Henry Ward Beecher… Scott Ramsay, Tenor
Joseph Treat… Kirk Dougherty, Tenor
Col. James Blood… Robert Osborne, Baritone

Category: Performance