Hypnosis by Ian Clarke (flute and two guitars)

Hypnosis by Ian Clarke

Based on improvisations with Clarke/Hicks/Painter

Performed by Carmenco – Emily Andrews, David Massey and Francisco Correa

Arranged by David Massey (CarmenCo)
Recorded, shot and edited by Francisco Correa (CarmenCo & AM Records)

The original flute & piano recording is on Ian Clarke’s ‘Within…’ CD, for more details see http://www.ianclarke.net/

Hypnosis as a piece has become widely known in the worldwide flute community. It’s been arranged for flute and harp and flute and orchestra before, but this is the first arrangement for flute and guitars, and we feel it works particularly well like this – indeed the right hand of the piano sits so nicely on guitar it’s as if it were written this way.

Ian writes: It came from an era when I played in band and we took the decision to jointly register tracks even if one or other of us were the main writer. I originally developed the flute part of course, and later developed the piano and flute version.