Christopher Cerrone | Tim Munro: Liminal Highway

Liminal Highway for flute and live electronics

I. When You Fall Asleep in Transit: (0:00)
II. A Dream You Don’t Recall: (02:58)
III. Between Consciousness and Sleep: (06:54)
IV. Liminal: (9:26)
V. Suddenly it is Needed: (13:09)

Composed by Christopher Cerrone (
Performed by Tim Munro (
Based on the poem of the same name by John K. Samson

Directed by Evan Chapman and Kevin Eikenberg of Four/Ten Media (
Location courtesy of the SS United States Conservancy, Philadelphia, PA

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Recorded by Anthony Gravino in Chicago, IL on Dec 14, 2018
Mixed, edited, and mastered by Mike Tierney in Brooklyn, NY

Liminal Highway was commissioned by New Music USA and Miller Theatre at
Columbia University for Tim Munro. It premiered at Miller Theatre on November 1, 2016.

Further funding for the project was provided by Joan and Barry Miskin.

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