“Fragment” by John Psathas

Fragment by John Psathas

Performed by CHannel2 Percussion Duo (Hannah Gallamore and Conner Viets)
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Recorded by Blank House Media
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“Related in mood and musical material to the second movement of my double concerto View From Olympus, the gentle, reflective Fragment (2001) is suitable for players of intermediate ability and above. This short work is an adaptation of a piano duet originally written to commemorate the occasion of the retirement of the my first piano teacher, Peter Williams. It is a simple and tranquil meditation in which gently pulsing chords provide hushed support to a delicate melody.

The music consists of slowly shifting sixteenth-note based chordal patterns, with the vibraphone weaving in and out of the chordal texture of the piano. The vibraphone part requires four mallets, but mostly consists of slowly-moving melodic lines and chords.”