Zodiac Trio presents: “Zodiac: Across the Universe” 12 movements / 12 composers

The World Premiere of “Zodiac: Across the Universe” at the Yantai Grand Theater in Yantai, China as part of a 10-concert China Tour.

“Zodiac: Across the Universe” is a special project the brings together 12 composers, each contributing a one-minute movement. The composers were selected from a pool of close to a hundred submissions, following a call for score by the Zodiac Trio. The winning compositions were then brought together to form a 12-movement work that was premiered in China in November, 2013, and performed as part of the Zodiac Trio’s touring program.


I. Ben Newhouse: Cancer « the Crab » — CANCER
II. Bojan Glavina: Leo/the Lion — LEO
III. James Romig: Zodiac Structures — VIRGO
IV. Noel Fortman: Zodiac-Across the Universe– LIBRA
V. John McDonald: Hillside Humoresque– SCORPIO
VI. Alan Ishii: Scorpio — SAGITARIUS
VII. Stanley M.Hoffman: The Monkey — CAPRICORNE
VIII. Luke Flynn: Snakebite — AQUARIUS
IX. Gaetano Nenna: One for Zodiac Trio — PISCES
X. Francine Trester: Fire Sign — ARIES
XI. Martin Loridan: Sous le signe du Zodiac — TAURUS
XII. Jerzy Fryderyk Wojciechowski: Gemini — GEMINI

Category: Performance