William Susman: Six Minutes Thirty Seconds (1995) (WITH SCORE)

Composed for and performed by the Citywinds this wind quintet was first performed in San Francisco at Cowell Theater, Fort Mason Center in 1995.

The Citywinds:
Esther Landau, flute
Laura Reynolds, oboe
Jim Freeman, clarinet
Alison McKee, horn
Marcuselle Whitfield, bassoon

SIX MINUTES THIRTY SECONDS (1995) explores Afro-Cuban rhythmic patterns called montuños. The montuño is a repeated syncopated line or obligato often assigned to the piano in order to outline the harmonic structure. Also used are medieval rhythmic and contrapuntal devices called hocket and isorhythm.

The title “Six Minutes Thirty Seconds” refers to an approximate duration.

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