27 Overtures (after Ludwig van Beethoven) – with score

A group of 3rd graders from San Francisco, CA listened to the opening bars of Beethoven’s Grosse Fuge,Op. 133 and created their own graphic scores to what they heard. A collection of these fantastic notations – ranging from arrows to squiggles to dinosaurs – was then given to Friction Quartet to perform. Here is their realization accompanied by the original scores.

Composed by Ms. Closek’s 3rd Grade Class
Arranged by Danny Clay
Realized by Friction Quartet

The composers, in order of appearance, are:
1. Brendan
2. Connie
3. Emma W
4. Brendan
5. Kenny M
6. Max
7. Rein/Isabel
8. Stanley
9. Isabel
10. Eric
11. Rein
12. Fiona Z
13. Athena
14. Edward
15. Ariana
16. Emma W
17. Justin
18. Sarah L
19. Maro S
20. Garrett L
21. Fiona Z
22. Rickie
23. Victor
24. Eric
25. Tony
26. Brandon
27. Rickie

The piece was premiered and recorded December 1st, 2012 by Friction Quartet at the Holiday Benefit for Composers and Schools in Concert.

Special thanks: CSIC & Studio 55 Marin.

Without whom: Kristin Closek, Erin Bregman, West Portal Elementary School, Lori Vobejda, Nick Benavides, Lisa Oman & Katy Luo.

mp3 available here:

conceived for and dedicated to Friction Quartet