Fanfares [Book 1] – with score

Seven original graphic compositions for band, written and performed by fourth and fifth graders.

Composers: 4th and 5th graders from Zion Lutheran School (San Francisco, CA) – Danny Clay, music teacher
Performers: 4th and 5th grade bands from Hood Elementary School and LD Batchelder School (North Reading, MA) – Kristen Dye, music teacher / conductor

Works (in order):
The Jumping Introduction – Ben (5th)
Fanfare – Ethan (5th)
Mysterious Snake – Jo (4th)
Roller Coaster – Juliana (4th)
Sound of the Slithers – Lindsey (4th)
Untitled – Zion (5th)
Mario – Final Level of Each World (Before Boss Battle) – Sebastian (5th)