Varispeed performs live at WFMU’s Monty Hall Performance Space September 19, 2014

Varispeed visited WFMU’s Monty Hall on Sept. 19, 2014, to perform an original arrangement of “Episode 3: The Bank” from Robert Ashley’s Perfect Lives. Their appearance features Brian McCorkle (vocals), Gelsey Bell (synth & vocals), Paul Pinto (drums & vocals), Dave Ruder (guitar & vocals), Aliza Simons (euphonium) and special guest Jen Baker (trombone). Their set was broadcast live on Kurt Gottschalk’s program Miniature Minotaurs.

Varispeed has rearranged each episode every time they’re performed their day-long interpretation to best fit the city and the space that’s hosting them. This performance is a hybrid of several versions, and it marks the first time Varispeed will perform one episode out of context from the other six.