The Solution

The Solution is a piece from MASARY Studios’ evening length work integrating live music and projection mapping called “périphérique.” Périphérique, meaning peripheral in French, explores the edges of perception when sound and video animation are related. MASARY composes all their works considering both sonic and visual elements, identifying how they each inform one another. These pieces are an active exploration of these connections: when sound influences light, when light leads sound, and the peripheral, when one cannot tell who is leading whom.

Recorded at the old Edison Power Plant in South Boston

MASARY is Maria Finkelmeier, Sam “Samo” Okerstrom-Lang, and Ryan Edwards

Video Shot and Edited by Scalped Productions

Sound Recorded and Mixed by John Escobar at EscobarMusic

Dance in by Tai Jimenez

Assisted by David Stiefel, Kaitlyn Burke, Jonathan Padilla, Jacob Ijlst, Adam DeTour, Jeff Grantz, Kate Gilbert
[email protected]

Category: Performance