Quattro Canti for guitar and orchestra: 2nd movement

Lapo Vannucci, guitar
Bacau Philharmonic Orchestra
Robert Gutter, conductor

“Quattro Canti (Four Songs), as the title suggests, is a guitar concerto divided into four movements. However this is not the only interpretation, as happens in my other works.
Who knows my hometown Palermo will surely guess my intention to describe musically the heart of the city, ideally placed at Quattro Canti (“Four Corners”, but also “Four Songs”), monumental crossroads become one of the most characteristic symbols of Palermo.
Two possible interpretations though: living the music experience becoming carried away by the flow of the four movements leaded by the guitar song or ideally standing in the center of Palermo at Quattro Canti, between Via Maqueda and Corso Vittorio Emanuele and from there watching the soul of the city.
I wanted to represent musically four images of the city seen from this precise privileged position.”
Francesco Di Fiore
2. CANTO DEL SOLE (The Song of the Sun)
Teatro del Sole (The Theatre of the Sun) is one of the names of the “Four Corners”: at any time of day the sun is there, to observe and protect it. “Canto del sole” is a slow movement, is a hymn and a prayer, a tribute to that beautiful light that makes look so beautiful every single stone in the city.

Category: Performance