10th Wave Chamber Music Collective: “Musical Emergence: Voices Unheard”

Saturday, February 20, 2021 at 8PM EST / 7PM CST

10th Wave Chamber Music Collective broadcasted their full program “Musical Emergence: Voices Unheard” from February 20-28th, 2021.



Works featured in this excerpted version are the following:


The following pieces originally on the program can be found on the composer or publisher’s website.


10th Wave Chamber Music Collective is thrilled to make their first “musical emergence” of 2021 with a brand new program featuring music by Black composers. “Voices Unheard” addresses the lack of diversity in classical music–who and what is seen and hear on stage as well as the target audience demographic. Classical music culture has come at the cost of excluding and dismissing artists of color, especially Black and Brown musicians and composers.

“Musical Emergence: Voices Unheard” is a fierce and exciting program that takes the listener on a journey through natural disasters and emotional turbulence while acknowledging the resilience we have within ourselves to come together and support our community.



*in original broadcast


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“Musical Emergence: Voices Unheard” 10th Wave Chamber Music Collective