Olivia Kieffer – Girl Absolutely

Anna Sutyagina (Artistic Director of MOVING CLASSICS TV) plays “Girl Absolutely” by Olivia Kieffer
Discover more about Olivia at http://movingclassics.tv/classicpeople/oliviakieffer/ Moving Classics TV is a popular curated discovery channel for new piano music.

Olivia about “Girl, Absolutely” was originally a toy piano solo, from my collection of short improvisations called “Playing the Changes”. This one was improvised and recorded late on a clear starry night in July 2017, in the garden shed at my mother’s farm in the North.
This music is the essence of my 4 months at the farm that summer. It is a series of snapshots, of a magical short time in my life; the fresh breeze of country air moving through ancient trees, the noisy chickens, playing the old upright piano in the livingroom, writing music while my family watched British detective TV shows, cooking with my mother, bonfires, bright early mornings with a sun that took hours to set at night and the joy of reuniting with an old friend”
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