Material Rhythms | Reinhardt University Percussion Ensemble

World premiere of William Susman’s Material Rhythms performed by Reinhardt University’s Percussion Ensemble under the direction of Olivia Kieffer.

Material Rhythms is comprised of four movements:
I. Wood
II. Metal
III. Skin
IV. Mix

Program Notes:
Do certain materials bring to mind a rhythm? Are some rhythms better suited for a particular material? When I started writing this piece I thought about sounds moving through space in a kind of aural domino effect. I realized that the choice of materials plays an important role in the perception of rhythm and sound.

I divided the piece into four different sections determined by typical percussive materials: wood, metal, skin, and the last section a mix of all three. The choice of which wood, metal or skin instruments is left open to the ensemble, but ultimately, each of the four players have similar setups.
The Reinhardt University Percussion Ensemble director Olivia Kieffer went one step further. For the wood and metal movements, she built custom instruments giving this performance a signature sound. -William Susman

Performers, left to right:
Josh Vavases, Olivia Kieffer, Aaron Crowe, Tyler Deal