Jordan Nelson – Four Interludes

Four Interludes by Jordan Nelson
Performed by Thomas Kotcheff
Recorded in Joyce J. Cammilleri Hall, The University of Southern California
Video/Audio Engineer: Louis Ng

Four Interludes
I. Ends (0:00)
II. Begins (3:20)
III. Stops (6:44)
IV. Holds (8:51)

‘Four Interludes’ is a set of movements based on Charles Ives’ ‘The Alcotts’, from his Piano Sonata No. 2, Concord, Mass., 1840-1860. Written for Thomas Kotcheff, ‘Four Interludes’ was commissioned for Thomas’ 2014-2015 recital series as a partner piece for the Ives. Each of the ‘Four Interludes’ samples and manipulates musical material directly taken from Ives’ original. In the case of two of the movements, ‘Ends’ and ‘Begins’, the relationship to ‘The Alcotts’ is theatrically inspired. The other two interludes emulate processes used in electronic music sampling and sequencing.