Land Acknowledgment & Performance by Jada Brown

Jada Brown – artist


This past year we saw some positive change happen among many commitments to achieving greater equity (including ACF). Now, we’re seeing some of that enthusiasm wane while also experiencing strong backlash to these movements.

How do we persist and resist the inertia pulling us back into our flawed systems and exclusionary practices? What does real follow through on the commitments of this past year look like? For our own work, how do we ensure artists are being invited, included, and presented in an equitable way?


Why is ACF organizing this event?

As an organization committed to supporting and advocating for individuals and groups creating music today, we host gatherings that center the music creator and advocate for equitable collaboration and engagement with the artists. Sharing our national platform, ACF seeks to bring our circles together and build relationships, share experiences, and strengthen our work through dialogue and artmaking. ACF’s Artist Equity Summit is an annual public convening in St. Paul, Minnesota. Find out more about ACF’s equity work here:

Land Acknowledgment & Performance by Jada Brown