Grade Descriptors // Naomi Perera and Adam Langley // Flute and Electronics

Grade Descriptors is the fifth in a series of six pieces produced by Naomi Perera & Adam Langley with the assistance of the Leeds Conservatoire 2021 Graduate Fund.

Thematically Grade Descriptors investigates the issues that exist around the idea of grading and examining art. Is it possible to be truly objective about something as subjective as artistic expression? By imposing a standard on creativity, aren’t we actually stifling it, and encouraging homogeneity?

Grade Descriptors explores these ideas through a clash between flute and electronics. Starting out with solo flute, the piece develops as Naomi’s playing is gradually overwhelmed by a building cacophony of vocal samples – reading undergraduate performance grade descriptors. The samples become increasingly indecipherable until the noise is too great and Naomi is reduced to repeating the sentiments of the vocals herself, able to play no longer.