JUDITH LANG ZAIMONT: Elegy for Symphonic Strings

Emotional, intense, pure, ELEGY is a direct expression of lingering grief by Judith Lang Zaimont. It was composed some time after the too-early death of a beloved aunt, and to honor her aunt’s part-British heritage ELEGY has a purposely British flavor.

The work is scored for solo violin and a five-part string ensemble where each section is also subdivided. It also features Zaimont’s rhythmic hallmark — four quick notes followed by a fifth long tone .

ELEGY was later incorporated by Zaimont as the middle movement of “Remember Me” — Symphony No. 2 for Symphonic Strings.

This performance of ELEGY for Symphonic Strings is by the Czech Radio Orchestra led by US conductor Doris Kosloff from the “reSOUNDings ” CD of Zaimont orchestral music (originally Arabesque, now on Arkiv).

It is interpreted visually by Michael Bregman through the eternal cycle of the seasons.

(The work has also been recorded on Naxos by the Slovak National Philharmonic, conducted by Kirk Trevor. )

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