ARIADNE – Rejoice (Visual Accompaniment)

ARIADNE – Rejoice (Visual Accompaniment)

“Rejoice” is the second track from ARIADNE’s debut album ‘Tsalal’

Physical A/V album available here:

Digital available here:


Released by: Auris Apothecary AAX-124

ARIADNE is a sacred music duo from Brooklyn, New York comprised of Christine Lanx and Benjamin Forest. With a focus on interspersing the ritualism of ancient spirituality and the secular iconography of the post-modern, ARIADNE flawlessly bridge the two worlds through their intricate musical compositions, striking digital visuals, and captivating live performances.

Tsalal, which is Hebrew for the concept “to grow or become dark,” is the title of the brand new 6 track album (and first physical release ever) from ARIADNE. It is a full-frequency, multi-sensory audio/visual experience totaling almost an hour of subsonic tones, glitched out rhythms, synthesized melodies, and extravagant choral passages with hints of Gregorian chants & hymnal somberness. Contained on an absolutely tiny 4GB microSD card housed inside an equally miniscule clear plastic case, Tsalal is tangibly minimal yet digitally immersive, featuring the complete audio compositions as ultra high quality lossless WAV files, as well as matching HD videos of synchronized digital environment renders created by ARIADNE as visual stimuli to further enhance the intricate nature of Tsalal‘s brooding aesthetic.

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