At Home with Morton Subotnick and Joan La Barbara: Q2 Spaces

For the second installment of Q2 Spaces, we visited Morton Subotnick and Joan La Barbara’s Greenwich Village apartment, where they’ve lived and worked for the past 17 years. The walls are lined with the artwork of friends and collaborators and the kitchen cupboard doubles as La Barbara’s vocal booth. A shelf in Subotnick’s studio houses a piece of the very first Buchla analog synthesizer — the instrument used to create his hugely influential work “Silver Apples of the Moon.” The bustling sounds of the city streets sift through their kitchen window. More:

Video: Kim Nowacki & Hannis Brown | Q2 Music.

Music: Morton Subotnick
And the Butterflies Begin to Sing (New World)
The Key to Songs (New Albion)
Silver Apples of the Moon (Wergo)

Music: Joan La Barbara
ROTHKO (New World Records)
Shaman Song (New World Records)

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