Timo Andres: Q2 Spaces

The second season of Q2 Spaces kicks off with Connecticut-born composer-pianist Timo Andres, who likens his music to “walking into an interesting apartment and seeing a few things next to each other that tell you something about a person.” At once familiar and modern, forward-looking and reverent, Andres’s music tells the story of a composer striving to reconcile a fascination with the past and composers ranging from Mozart to Chopin to Brian Eno, with a stylish, pointillist craftsmanship all his own. More: http://bit.ly/1hO66ul

Video: Kim Nowacki & Alex Ambrose | Q2 Music.
Music: All music by Timo Andres | Courtesy of Nonesuch Records
Shy and Mighty: Antennae
Shy and Mighty: Pavane
Paraphrase on Themes of Brian Eno

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