We Are Legion – #OpTenthIntervention

For tickets: http://www.thecelltheatre.org/events/2015/12/8/the-tenth-intervention-ensemble

Citizens of the world, and New York City, contemporary music group Tenth Intervention invites you to the world premiere of We Are Legion, a new immersive chamber work by composer Dorian Wallace, in collaboration with choreographer Jennifer McQuiston Lott, and chamber group, New Vintage Baroque.

Come join us on Tuesday, December 8, 2015, 7:30pm at the cell theater, to experience the original score inspired by the hacktivist collective Anonymous. This work will have it’s premiere, during a time in the United States, when weekly news reports are plagued, by police brutality, gun violence, and government surveillance.

Represented at the core of this work, is the group’s mission to uphold freedom of speech, and freedom of expression. Anonymous actively fights against corporate, civic, and religious extremism, and oppression.

United by One, Divided by Zero.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.

Expect us.

See you on December 8, 2015 at the cell theater.

website: www.tenthintervention.com
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twitter: @tenthinterventn
instagram: https://instagram.com/tenthintervention/