Undeciphered Writing, by Jeff Snyder

Undeciphered Writing
by Jeffrey Snyder
performed by Sideband
video by Steve Taylor
lighting by Chris Gorzelnik
sound recording by Andres Villalta

Konrad Kaczmarek – Resophonic Manta
Anne Hege – Bass Manta
Michael Early – Treble Contravielle
Ariane Alexander – Tenor Contravielle
Lainie Fefferman, Dan Trueman, Daniel Iglesia, and Rebecca Fiebrink – Forcebox with Wooden Resonator
Jeff Snyder and Cameron Britt – Forcebox with Timpani Resonator
Jascha Narveson – Conductor

This piece is written for an ensemble of instruments designed and
built by the composer. The music is inspired by examples of writing
that have been discovered but never translated, ranging from
intentional codes to ancient scripts for which the spoken language is
unknown or cannot be identified.