Tracking Forward with Rolling Stock

Tracking Forward
For viola, backing track, and video

Viola: Adam Maha
Backing track: Jeremy Mayall
Video: Rolling Stock by Dan Inglis

Musically this piece is inspired by the composer’s love of Blues music. A lot of Blues tells stories of lonely journeys, catching rides on the trains, and often powerful sadness. This piece aims to explore this soulful sound through the solo viola, combined with the sounds of blues harmonica and electronic manipulation. This piece explores the boundaries between Blues music, 20th Century Chamber music, soundscape and electronic dance music.

Tracking Forward features a video accompaniment “ROLLING STOCK” created by Dan Inglis.

Recorded live at the Gallagher Concert Chamber at the University of Waikato

Post-production mix and master: Jeremy Mayall
Camera Operators: Dan Inglis, Edwin Petersen.
Video Edit: Dan Inglis

Category: Performance