ACF Roundtable: The Power of Band Music

Friday, April 30, 2021
4:00pm EDT / 3:00pm CDT



Jasmine Britt, Jennifer Jolley, Weston Sprott, Jonathan Villela, and Vanessa Rose (moderator)


We already know how influential the experience of playing in a band can be for a kid, college student, or adult. The opportunities to be part of a community, to make music together, and to perform for others have a tremendous impact on each individual. But what about the composer/music creator?

What if the piece you were playing was written by someone in your community? What if it was written by someone who looks like the people playing the music (i.e. the same race)? What if your band members were invited to share their own stories as part of creating a new work? Imagine what that impact could be.

We were joined by panelists Jasmine Britt, Music Faculty, Grand Street Campus High Schools and Associate Director, NYC Dept. of Ed. “All City” Concert Band, Jennifer Jolley, composer, blogger, professor, Weston Sprott, Dean, Preparatory Division, The Juilliard School and Trombonist, The Metropolitan Opera, and Jonathan Villela, Graduate Teaching Assistant, UT-Austin Bands, who lead the field in programming and commissioning band music in a variety of education and community settings. The panel, moderated by ACF’s CEO Vanessa Rose, discussed different ways to approach music by diverse living artists and build context for why it matters.

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The Power of Band Music Roundtable