Tenth Intervention | “We Are Legion” by Dorian Wallace

the cell theatre – December 8, 2015, 7:30pm

The Tenth Intervention Ensemble premieres We Are Legion, a new immersive chamber work by composer Dorian Wallace in collaboration with choreographer Jennifer McQuiston Lott and chamber group New Vintage Baroque.

This piece, inspired by the hacktivist collective, Anonymous will have it’s premiere during a time in the United States when weekly news reports are plagued by police brutality, gun violence, and government surveillance.

Represented at the core of this work is the group’s mission to uphold freedom of speech and freedom of expression. Anonymous actively fights against corporate, civic, and religious extremism and oppression.

I. Chanology Dramatica
II. We Are Anonymous
III. If They Won’t Let Us Dream, We Won’t Let Them Sleep
IV. Citizenfour
V. We Do Not Forgive
VI. We Oppose Censorship
VII. Freedom of Thought
VIII. Low Orbit Ion Cannon
IX. The Fifth of November
X. We Do Not Forget
XI. 4’34″ (In Protest for the Living and in Memory of the Dead)
XII. United by one, Divided by zero
XIII. Expect Us

The Tenth Intervention Ensemble:
Dorian Wallace, composer, piano, electronics
Kelley Barnett, flute
Lathan Hardy and Michael Eaton, tenor saxophones
Hajnal Pivnick and Jessica McJunkins, violins
Hannah Levinson, viola
Caleigh Drane, cello
Carl Limbacher, bass
Max Maples and Charlie Kessenich, drum sets
Danielle Buonaiuto, Conor McDonald, Elisa Sutherland, Jason Weisinger, voice