Tame Your Man

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Tame Your Man by Nathan Hall
Tame Your Man is a ‘living music sculpture’: a theatrical work composed for piano, electronics, rope bondage artist, and narrators. It is the composer’s first work dealing directly with sexuality and the exchange of power. As a gay man, sexual roles (who is active or passive, who is in control) may be negotiated over the course of a relationship, and even evolve over time. For Tame Your Man, the composer explores these ideas through music, where a pianist willingly gives up his power and mobility to a bondage artist. The pianist must trust the bondage artist enough to give up control while still focusing on the piano performance. The bondage artist in turn must trust the pianist to communicate limits and follow a script. Though Tame Your Man touches on the eroticism of dominance and submission, these communications of power and trust can be complex, but also quite beautiful. The piano music for the piece is comprised of 12 movements that roughly follow the traditional ‘circle of fifths’. Stylistically militaristic pounding and dance club-like movements open the performance and soon become transformed, ending in slower, ecstatic meditations. Over the course of the work, the piano purposefully reduces the range of motion of the hands on the keyboard. This will be the NYC premiere of Tame Your Man. The piece had it’s premiere on November 9, 2012 at the ATLAS Black Box Theater on CU Boulder Campus.