Guy Barash: Talkback VI for trombone and computer (2016)

Trombone: William Lang
Electronics: Guy Barash

Talkback VI for trombone and computer is the sixth in a series of compositions for solo instruments and real-time digital signal processing.

With Talkback, Barash explores new playing techniques, enhanced timbre, and other sonic features that are characteristic of the instrument by magnifying and amplifying otherwise subtle nuances of the instrument and bringing them to the foreground.

Talkback, just like in online media, is a response to something more substantial: western tradition, the canon. It is smaller but often as significant as it is a sincere manifestation of the zeitgeist. Real-time interaction between the trombone and the computer is a form of dialog. Very similar to forms of communicating on the Internet—posting, tweeting, blogging, etc.—it is filtered, yet very real.

Video by Lester St. Louis

Category: Performance