Strobe – Gabriella Smith/The Brass Project

Strobe – Composed by Gabriella Smith – Performed by The Brass Project – Visuals by Christophe Thockler

“Buried brass parts are emerging from tempests and are passing through natural elements before being assembled together and illuminated by lights. This video can be seen as a metaphorical visual story, an allegory for creation, where ideas are embodied by the trumpet. Ideas, sometimes starting from blurred hazy representations or deep thoughts, have to be manipulated the correct way to create a spark before being associated with the right tools to become real.
On a more personal and technical level, it was both an honor and a challenge to work on such a contemporary classical piece for an amazing brass ensemble. The pre-production process was a bit different because of the structure of the piece with its breaks and climaxes but it was very inspirational.
Red curtains, smoke, particles, fire in slow motion, trumpets… the leading visual inspiration for this video are the works of David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti, which never cease to amaze me.”
-Christophe Thockler

Trumpets – Theo Van Dyck, Brian Olson
French Horn – Cort Roberts
Trombones – Daniel Schwalbach, Oliver Barrett
Tuba – Jake Fewx

Audio Engineering/Mixing – Nathan Prillaman

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