Reiko Füting – wand-schrift: inscriptio (deo gracias) for tenor saxophone solo (2019)

wand-schrift: inscriptio (deo gracias), for solo tenor saxophone (2019), was written for Wonki Lee, to whom it is dedicated gratitude and friendship. The form of the composition is based on an early 14th century fresco in the Heiligen-Geist-Kirche in Wismar, Germany. The fresco arranges the 10 letters of “deo gracias” in 11×9 squares, which creates a total of 504 ways of reading the inscription. The only musical reference is the opening of the Quartet op. 22 by Anton Webern.

Reiko Füting:

YTS-875EXG/G3 GP Neck/S90-170/D’addario Reserve 3.5/Vandoren MO Ligature