Manchester Collective – Philip Glass: Company I.

Music video for ‘Company’ I. by Philip Glass, performed and recorded by Manchester Collective on their debut LP ‘The Centre is Everywhere’. Listen and buy the album:

“Whilst recording ‘Company’, we found ourselves drawn to a sense of wildness and nature that we felt in the piece. The hypnotic rise and fall of the rhythms and textures in Philip Glass’ quartet feel quite separate to industrial, man-made structures and forms that are often associated with minimalist music.

In the music video, we see an unnamed protagonist, played by movement artist Blackhaine, travelling through an urban landscape, reckoning with these same feelings. The film is about change and uncertainty, about the conflict between the natural and the industrial, between progress and regression. Through Blackhaine’s eyes, we experience a changing, nocturnal world and peer into the anxious soul of a city.”

Shot in Manchester and Salford, the full-length version of this film premiered in June 2021 as part of Dark Days, Luminous Nights – an audio-visual installation and collaborative project between Manchester Collective and artist Simon Buckley.

Philip Glass: Company: I. –
Performed by Manchester Collective
Featured on The Centre is Everywhere LP
Released by Bedroom Community

Directed by Simon Buckley
Starring Blackhaine
Produced by Adam Szabo and Steph Clarke
Director of Photography & Film Editing: Adam Blyth
Camera and Lighting Assistant: Vittorio Miari
Music Director: Rakhi Singh

Production, Recording/Mix Engineer: Brendan Williams
Mix Engineer: Joe Reiser
Mastering: Valgeir Sigurðsson
Assistant Recording Engineer: Doug Hemingway