“Love” by Daniel Wood, Performed by Quadre

Quadre – The Voice of Four Horns
“Love” from In Time for horn quartet and percussion by Daniel Wood

Amy Jo Rhine, horn
Lydia Van Dreel, horn
Nathan Pawelek, horn
Daniel Wood, horn
With guest artist, James Kassis, percussion

CD: https://quadre.bandcamp.com/album/our-time
ITUNES: iTunes.apple.com/artist/Quadre-the-voice-of-four-horns/316395239

Humans may be the only living things that are conscious of time. Not time as it refers to the routines or appointments we keep, but growing old and dying. Then e fear time; we grieve it in calmer moments; we fill our days with activity to avoid it; we may even position ourselves around the energy of our children. However we may cope, we have few alternatives to carrying on. And so we make our choices the best we know how.

How do we spend our time? Henry David Thoreau once wrote, “To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of arts.” In this spirit, we chose to at our time as it refers to living and growing older, and how we might respond to ad express the concept of aging musically.

Our Time, Quadre’s fourth album, is the culmination of a two-year journey to commission new composer and to collaborate with non horn-playing instrumental artists to create and record new within the gamut of Thoreau’s “highest of arts.” Composer and performer, Daniel Wood’s new work, In Time, for four horns and percussion, featuring James Kassis, is a song cycle without words. This poignant piece catalogues a specific yet familiar event in a life – the emotional undulations I thin a broken heart in the aftermath of a failed love. Moments of Luck, Love, Lies, Loss and Laughter punctuate the plot of this painfully familiar story. Yet the context with which Daniel has treated this triteness is anything but trite. The hope, strength, and lightness we are left with are testaments to the resilience of our not-so-fragile hearts.

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Acclaimed for its virtuosic horn mastery, Quadre has dazzled audiences for decades with emotionally dynamic performances that transform listeners. A Quadre concert is an experience not to be missed.

The ensemble believes that every community, large or small, needs great art. To support this mission, Quadre engages audiences at all levels, with an innovative and immersive program that combines outreach, community events and concert hall performances. By sharing its passion for music and social change, Quadre connects people and engenders local music sustainability.

Selected by the National Endowment for the Arts and Chamber Music America as one of only a handful of chamber music ensembles for a rural residency, Quadre began its professional calling in Alabama in 1999. The ensemble has since collaborated with award-winning artists, including Grammy award-winning flutist, Molly Barth; Los Angeles studio legend, James Thatcher; and Philadelphia phenom, soprano Elizabeth Weigle. To further the creation of innovative pieces, Quadre has commissioned new works from renowned composers such as Mark Adam Watkins and Christopher Wiggins, as well as drawing on the compositional talents of members Nathan Pawelek and Daniel Wood.

Keenly embracing its leadership role as music ambassadors, Quadre has been honored to have performed for the Helen Keller School for the Deaf and Blind and the Weingarten Children’s Center for the Deaf, and regularly performs at youth centers, soup kitchens and homeless shelters. Twice, the San Francisco Symphony selected Quadre to participate in its unique educational outreach program, Adventures in Music.

Most recently, Quadre captivated audiences with Schumann’s “Konzertstuck,” a concerto for four horns and orchestra and reunited with composer David Garner at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music to perform Cuadro Cuadrangulos, a work based on the Afro-Cuban rhythms son and rumba clave.

Filmmaker: Anna Newman
Producer: Elizabeth Yin Chung
Actress: Kayo Wood

Thanks to everyone who made this video possible: our family, our friends and most importantly, our fans. Thank you.

Filmed on location at Villa Montalvo, Saratoga, CA, United States.