Lonely Villa (1909 – D. W. Griffith) Music: Spiros Deligiannopoulos / Σπύρος Δεληγιαννόπουλος

The Lonely Villa is a 1909 American short silent crime drama film directed by D. W. Griffith. The film stars David Miles, Marion Leonard and Mary Pickford in one of her first film roles. It is based on the 1901 French play Au Telephone (At the Telephone) by André de Lorde. A print of The Lonely Villa survives and is currently in the public domain
A group of criminals waits until a wealthy man goes out to break into his house and threaten his wife and daughters. They refuge themselves inside one of the rooms, but the thieves break in. The father finds out what is happening and runs back home to try to save his family.
• David Miles as Robert Cullison
• Marion Leonard as Mrs. Robert Cullison
• Mary Pickford as One of the Cullison Children
• Gladys Egan as One of the Cullison Children
• Adele DeGarde as One of the Cullison Children
• Charles Avery as At the Inn
• Clara T. Bracy
• John R. Cumpson as At the Inn
• Robert Harron
• Anita Hendrie as The Maid
• Arthur V. Johnson as At the Inn
• James Kirkwood as Among Rescuers
• Florence Lawrence
• Violet Mersereau as At the Inn
• Owen Moore – A Burglar
• Anthony O’Sullivan as A Burglar
• Frank Powell
• Herbert Prior as A Burglar
• Mack Sennett as The Butler/A Policeman

Μουσική: Σπύρος Δεληγιαννόπουλος / Music Spiros Deligiannopoulos

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