L’Histoire du Soldat de Jouet

“L’Histoire du Soldat de Jouet” by Brett Abigana
Choreography by C. Neil Parsons
Videography by Shannon Schwait

One fateful evening, Rene, the toy soldier, comes to life. He falls madly in love with the twirling ballerina, Collette. She spins gracefully on her glass box, but her motions are the work of springs and gears. She is not alive. Rene tries to woo Colette, but another suitor appears: Jacques, the Jack-in-the-box. Jacques, also alive by magic, begins his courtship of Collette attempting to seduce her in a tango. The animate toys struggle for inanimate affection.

The Fourth Wall, hybrid arts ensemble
Hilary Abigana, flute
C. Neil Parsons, bass trombone
Greg Jukes, percussion