Flutter is a site-specific, multi-sensory, multi-media performance piece that premiered in the Otago Museum Tropical Rainforest on November 29th 2014.

This piece is a musical reflection of my initial response to experiencing the Tropical Rainforest with my family early in 2014. Ongoing visits to the space continue to inspire me – this unexpected oasis in the middle of Dunedin populated by these magical floating creatures. Flutter marks my first adventure into multi-sensory performance as a composer. I have been regularly involved in the creation of multi-media works that develop the sight and sound of an experience – but the creation of this work that also engages feel, smell and taste has been an extremely rewarding one.

Multi-sensory work.
Sight: musicians, dancers, lights, video, hundreds of butterflies
Sound: the music. (and a waterfall)
Feel: walking around the very humid room.
Smell: the smell of an enclosed rainforest.
Taste: 3 custom-flavoured macarons from The Tart Tin to correspond with the three sections of the piece.
(green: lime and lemongrass | red: strawberry and chilli | blue: blueberry and white chocolate)

It was great to be able to work with a number of world-class performers and crew on the creation of this presentation, and it is an honour to have their talent, passion and energy committed to this performance, and helping me to pursue this crazy idea.



Composer/Director: Jeremy Mayall
Lyrics: Shoshana Sachi
Video: Dan Inglis
Soprano: Julia Booth
Flute: Feby Idrus
Violin: Tessa Petersen
Pedal Steel: John Egenes
Bass: Rob Burns
Electronics: Jeremy Mayall

Baking: The Tart Tin

Dancers: Katarina Schwarz and Nadine Kemp

Lighting Design: Martyn Roberts
Sound Design: Daniel Buchanan

Additional Tech Crew: Luke Agnew and Zoe Armstrong-McCauley

Otago Museum Support: Vicki Lenihan, Alishea Woodhead, Sam Botting, Craig Scott, Kate Barron.

The Composer would like to thank: Otago Museum, University of Otago Music Department, University of Otago Theatre Department, University of Otago Arts Fellows, and of course, the marvellous performers and crew.
Finally I would like to thank my lovely wife Courteney, and my son Wolfgang for their ongoing support, love, and understanding.

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