excerpt from TATTOO, by Soo Yeon Lyuh

Tattoo (2021)
Music by Soo Yeon Lyuh (b. 1980)
Film by Danny Kim

Tattoo emerges from an incident that occurred on November 24, 2015. Alvin Kim, Lyuh’s son and one of the survivors, reconstructs the incident by reading the statement that he himself wrote for the investigators in the wake of the event.

Tattoo premieres on June 11, 2021 as part of this year’s KRONOS FESTIVAL – learn more at:

Composed by Soo Yeon Lyuh
Text by Alvin Kim with Soo Yeon Lyuh, haegeum, and the voices of Soo Jin Lyuh, Youngju Park, Alvin Kim, Soo Yeon Lyuh

Directed by Danny Kim

Cinematography & Art Design by Danny Kim
Edited by Mitch Stahlmann and Danny Kim
Camera Operation by Colin Giles
Audio mixed and produced by Mitch Stahlmann

Bells performed and recorded by Mitch Stahlmann

Soo Yeon Lyuh’s Tattoo was commissioned by the Kronos Festival with support from the Korean Cultural Center, Los Angeles.