El Aleph: 20th and 21st Century Guitar Music

Smaro Gregoriadou presents — El Aleph: 20th and 21st Century Guitar Music!

Smaro Gregoriadou’s previous two albums for Delos — Reinventing Guitar, Volumes 1 and 2 — won plaudits from reviewers the world over, and expanded performing and stylistic horizons for guitarists and everywhere. Unlike Reinventing Guitar, which concentrated largely on Baroque-era music, El Aleph sticks to music of particular appeal from the past century, as well as forays into the new millennium – using a number of different guitars that she has helped to develop. While this release’s pieces are mostly for solo guitar, the program includes Smaro’s own arresting composition, El Aleph, for guitar ensemble – played here by the German group, Open Source Guitars. Other composers honored are Fernande Peyrot, Agustin Barrios, Manuel Ponce, Hans Werner Henze, Sean Hickey, René Eespere and Štěpán Rak.

More info: https://delosmusic.com/?p=12250