Doors for Percussion Ensemble Prelude:Hallway

Doors for prepared piano and percussion sextet, Prelude: Hallway

This is movement 1 of 5: one movement will be released per day the week of July 4th 2016.

Doors is a metaphorical representation of a Door. A door can be something that keeps you out, keeps you in, a placeholder, something to break down, or can have any number of meanings for the listener. Doors is divided into 5 movements representing these different metaphorical possibilities.

Composer, Producer:
D. Riley Nicholson

D. Riley Nicholson
Trent E Garner
Katrina Shore
Jingjing Li
Lara Hueter
Diego Becerra

Videography by:
Taylor Joshua Rankin

Audio and Mixing Engineer:
Zach Miley

Shot at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music