David Bird: pluck.divide.cut (2014) [Chartreuse PLUS]

David Bird’s pluck.divide.cut, a deep-water exploration of humanity’s fraught relationship with horseshoe crabs, ancient creatures whose blood we harvest for our health. Scored for string trio with bassoon, bass clarinet, and flute. Premiere performance of this version, as guest artists at Oberlin Conservatory’s Winter Term Chamber Music Intensive, in Clonick Hall, 7 January 2015.

Chartreuse is Myra Hinrichs, violin; Carrie Frey, viola; & Helen Newby, cello. PLUS Hannah Hammel, flute; Zachary Good, clarinet; Benjamin Roidl-Ward, bassoon. Find out more about us at www.ensemblechartreuse.com, and help us make an album at www.ensemblechartreuse.com/support!

Video shot and edited by David Bird!