A Journey in Silence – Pianist/Composer Haskell Small

Pianist and composer Haskell Small’s series of concerts entitled “Journeys in Silence,” focuses on music that is primarily quiet, spacious and of a mystical nature. The series features recitals of solo and chamber works by Small and other composers, as well as a series of multimedia chamber music events. He has recorded several of these works for MSR Classics – Mompou’s Musical Callada – http://www.msrcd.com/catalog/cd/MS1282, The Rothko Room – Journeys in Silence – http://www.msrcd.com/catalog/cd/MS1497 and The Book of Hours – http://www.msrcd.com/catalog/cd/MS1601. More about the Journeys in Silence project at http://haskellsmall.com/journeys-in-silence.