9 Horses – the water understands

the water understands by Joe Brent

Directed and edited by Souki Mehdaoui
ASL performance by Christina Dunams
9 Horses is:
Joe Brent, electric mandolin
Sara Caswell, violin
Andrew Ryan, bass
Justin Goldner, electronic sound design
Nathan Koci, piano
Kevin Garcia, drums

Based on the poem ‘Water’, by Ralph Waldo Emerson

This video was created in partnership with 21CM (http://www.21cm.org) and 9 Horses, winners of the 2016 LAUNCH: Emerging Artists Competition.

Engineered by Reed Black
Mixed by Justin Goldner
Recorded in DUMBO, Brooklyn on 6.27.17 at Vinegar Hill Sound (http://www.vinegarhillsound.com), and 6.28.17 at Found Sound Nation HQ

Special thanks to Mark Rabideau and 21CM/DePauw University, Kate Snider and Melissa Silvetti from Cantine NYC (http://www.cantinenyc.com) for the delicious catering, Justin King of King Estate Winery (https://www.kingestate.com) for providing the vino, Adam Buchwald of Circle Strings (http://www.circlestrings.com) for the electric mandolin, and Leala Cyr, Janna Dyk, Sarah Goldfeather, Kaia Kater, Saudy Madrid, Terence Marciano, Eric Miranda, Kenji Shinegawa, and Kate Steinberg for the in-studio moral support.